IRONMAN Kalmar: It was worth a try after the double-feature – next stop Podersdorf

Michi was aware from the very beginning that the IRONMAN would either be very good or damn hard in Sweden.

He did fine at swimming. When cycling, however, he then rode quite flatly, he felt tired and was in no man's land from the very beginning. Nevertheless, he stuck with it for a long time, but stopped his race after a 17km brick run with a satisfactory pace of 4:00/km. His position was hopeless in terms of making the Top10 and the available prize money. It was a reasonable decision to retire and Michi ultimately bagged a valuable 6.5h training day in a competition-specific setting.

It was clear that at some point there would be a drop off in form after Klagenfurt and Lake Placid. The race in Sweden brought the confirmation that regular training is required again. The visit to the far north was worthwhile: scenically beautiful, great people and Michi and his mental coach Wolfgang Seidl were treated there like the Kings of Sweden.

Last warm up competition before Hawaii

After 2 victories in recent years, Michi would like to stand atop the podium in the half distance race once again this year at the Austria Triathlon in Podersdorf. There is a novelty for the swim course this year due to the low water levels in Lake Neusiedl. The swim will be held close by at St. Martin's Thermal Baths & Lodge, which provides some variety. A wetsuit-legal swim is expected due to the low morning temperatures. Due to the relocation of the swim, there will be two separate transition zones and a minimal change in the bike route.

The running route remains the same as in previous years and once again leads through the hot "hell” area outside of Podersdorf.  According to the weather forecast, Burgenland will show its best side with dry, warm weather. For Michi, it will be half a home race, as his father Ernst comes from Burgenland.

It is always difficult to find the balance between tapering and normal training in the World Championship preparations. Rolling back too much is not possible 5 weeks before Hawaii. For Michi, the competitive appeal of the Austria Triathlon is the perfect final form check before departure on September 20th.

Race start: Saturday, September 3rd, 10 AM - Podo calling!