From Slipknot to Lake Wörthersee – there is only one goal at IRONMAN Klagenfurt!

Let's rock! Now that the list of starters has been confirmed after the IRONMAN European Championships in Frankfurt, Rasmus Svenningsson (SWE), Lukas Wojt (GER), Joao Ferreira (POR) and teammates Paul Ruttmann and Georg Enzenberger from Schuller Pro Tri Team will join Michi on the starting line.

Perfect work-train-balance in Colorado

The main reason for Michi travelling to the USA was to attend two ART seminars with final practical exams, which only take place at the headquarters in Colorado and which he simply couldn’t miss as an ART Europe Instructor.

Without these important seminars he wouldn’t have travelled at all as it meant that Michi missed his little daughter Maya’s birthday by two days, which of course wasn’t easy.

Fun fact about the program on the first day in Colorado: it was hectic! Jetlag, swimming, seminar, running followed by a Slipknot concert – but it was all good! Evenings like that are exactly what Michi needs to unwind and take his mind off triathlon for a change.

Nevertheless, across the pond he experienced optimal training conditions at an altitude of 1800-3000m. Swim training was 5-6 times per week, the half of which were with his old training team from Pikes Peak Athletics in the 25 yard pool.

No aero bike, no worries

Michi didn’t take his tri-bike with him and went with the motto “go local”! He had a gravel bike in Colorado and was well taken care of by his long-term partners at SRM, who also have their headquarters in Colorado Springs. Both on the road and on challenging trails with some serious climbing he could lay down many hard training kilometres, also some with his buddy Nick Gould and felt better than ever before in the saddle.

He also enjoyed top training conditions for running. A few flat courses, trails and high school running tracks, together with kids taking part in summer camps, made for a diverse mix, meaning that also in the third discipline he was able to complete his training according to plan and injury free.

IRONMAN Austria is always a highlight, this time especially considering Kona qualification 2022. The winner takes it all! Michi can deal with the pressure of there being just one PRO slot available despite the strong competition. At his home race he always wants to stand atop the podium.  He plans to travel to Klagenfurt on Thursday with his three girls. He knows the course well from last year, where he made a few mistakes on the bike which he must avoid at all costs this year. Pressure to perform always gives Michi an extra kick and he will certainly enjoy his home race and give it everything he’s got. Klafu, be prepared for the Great White!


Race start: Sunday, 3. July 2022, 06:30 AM

Colorado preparation vibes