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MW #1 - With bib 1 off to the Mexican Water Games against the Olympic Champion

Michi arrived in Cancun directly from Vienna on November 11th and immediately traveled on to the paradisiacal El Cozumeleño Beach Resort. A paradise that presented itself as a wet vacation oasis.

The tricky thing about Mexican rain: You can't predict it. Due to the lack of local sewage systems, which are not as developed as ours, training is made difficult, especially on the bike. The rainfall resembles tropical storms, consisting of a mix of sand, fresh and salt water, and cannot be compared to the rainfall in Austria. It is important to protect the bike and bearings and to maintain them constantly. Due to the high humidity, almost nothing dries, starting from the sweaty running shoes, clothes to the bike bag. The humidity is more of a challenge than it is in Hawaii, especially at this time of year.

Kristian Blummenfelt is considered a favorite to race on the island. With the announcement of his race time of 7:20-7:35h, he made an announcement at the press conference that motivates Michi to the tips of his hair. Among the bookmakers the Norwegian is already the winner of the IRONMAN Cozumel - Challenge accepted!

Other athletes on the start list include the Australian uber biker Cameron Wurf, the Swede Patrik Nilsson, the Italian Giulio Molinaro, Ruedi Wild from Switzerland and Matt Russell from the USA. So there are many athletes who will be on the same level as Michi. Nevertheless, at the moment you never know until the starting signal who will actually be part of the race.

The weather forecast for Sunday is not stinging hot, which can lead to a very fast race. The conditions can become fierce, probably with a lot of water from above.

Michi can start liberated due to the "fixed" favorite role of the Olympic champion, but as IRONMAN says so well "anything is possible", Michi adapts the motto to the Mexican water games and makes clear: "Anything can happen"! The fast swim will be point to point, the bike will be 3 laps counterclockwise around the island and the run will be 3 laps out and back with the famous 42 aid stations of Cozumel. Michi's goal is to finish Top2 to qualify directly for Kona 2022 in October - VAMOS!

Start: Sunday, November 21, 2021, 7:15AM Mexican time (+6h Gumpoldskirchner time zone) - live in the IRONMAN Tracker App

Preparation in Cozumel